Altınbas Myway Valentıne's Day TVC

Altinbas Myway.

Aşkınızı anlatmanın en güzel yolu, Altınbaş!
Client: Altınbaş     Agency: Telepati     Productor: Tevfik Bülent Pulur     CG Studio: Digital Panorama

About Me.

I’m a 3D Generalist, 1987 born and living in Istanbul/Turkey.
Interested in animation, art and design. Post production has more than 10 years of experience.
I use mostly programs 3Ds Max, Cinema4d, After Effects, Realflow, Vray, Corona, Fumefx, Pftrack, 


Grundig NanoUHD+

Vitra Terri Pecora

Altinbas Myway Valentine’s Day TVC

Arcelik Dinamik Yıkama

Ford Mustang GT

Beko Washing Machine Range

Beko IFA ’16

Grundig Dishwasher

Beko Premium Induction Hob

The Clients.

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